Sound Bath Experiences

During the meditation, I felt safe and relaxed as we were guided into the experience. I could feel my whole body vibrating to the sounds of the gongs, drums, and singing bowls as there was nothing to do but to remain present. After my mind was clear, open, and at peace. I felt creative and grateful for the people around me. I went home that evening and had one of the best nights of sleep I had in awhile. It was an incredibly healing experience.
Shannon L
Potomac MD
Sarah has a gift- a natural talent. For 45 minutes, I felt all worries and to-do lists melt away as I allowed myself to relax fully. The melody of sounds, along with Sarah’s soothing voice, made for an incredibly healing experience. I went home that night with a clear mind and had one of the best nights of sleep I had in weeks. Thank you, Sarah the Sound Guru!
Miriam C
Rockville MD
...it was truly an incredible experience. I was deeply relaxed and at times felt circles of energy & elevation moving around my head and feet. Your grace with the singing bowls & gong were beautiful, and just as shared, likened a Symphony of light, peace, balance & joy
Kelly B
Potomac MD
Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us tonight. My entire body feels different. Everyone loved both the experience and the tutorial. I think you are going to have a real following
Leslie A
Washington DC
Not knowing what to expect, I participated in Sarah’s Sound bath session as a newbie. Within 10 minutes, I found myself in a heightened sense of relaxation. The worries of my everyday life disappeared and only the sound of the drums and the fragrances of the room became a part of my psyche. Surprisingly, I fell asleep for a short period although I did not know anyone and I often have trouble sleeping. I woke to a deepened sense Of relaxation that stayed with me throughout the evening. If you're looking for an escape from the everyday stress of life, try Sarah’s Sound bath session, you won’t be disappointed.
Debbie R
Bethesda MD

Corporate Wellness Experience

Sarah is top-notch at delivering corporate yoga classes. She motivates the team with stretches, insights and individual attention. The results speak for themselves - our team is happier, energetic and more motivated! Thanks Sarah!
Michael G
Sarah is a skilled and experienced yoga instructor. She taught a corporate yoga workshop for several weeks at our company, and people still beg for me to bring her back! She has also taught smaller classes with kids and her experience allows her to tail the yoga practice exactly to her audience.
Emily G
Viva Creative
Sarah led our organization through a breathing and meditation session on Zoom! It was amazing how her calm and gentle voice could guide our team members to a place of total relaxation while we all were working remotely. Sarah received rave reviews and we can't wait to bring her back for another session
Sabrina Wallach
Senior Operations Manager No Labels, Washington DC
Sarah is incredible at reaching the minds of young adults. They respond immediately to her. She has given our school so many strategies on how to help our students deal with stress and how to relax. She is a true asset to our community.
Kara C.
Green Acres School

Yoga Therapy Experience

Sarah worked with me for 3 weeks to create a home practice that will help prevent injuries, improve flexibility and nudge me toward being more intentional and mindful. She is a great yoga instructor and tutor!
Bob C.
Bethesda MD
Yoga Therapy keeps me grounded, centered and confident. I have learned skills that have changed my life like; tuning into my breath as a tool to be calm, recognize, experience and release my emotions, respond vs. react, time management, budgeting, building relationships with others, meditation and self care. Most importantly, I have learned to find joy within myself!
Tierny C
Potomac MD
Sarah worked with my 10 year old daughter who was starting to develop anxiety with school and taking tests. She was a miracle worker! Helped calm her so much! Sarah taught her children's yoga moves and loaded all of these breathing exercises on her itouch:) which she LOVED! thank you!!!
Heather B
Bethesda MD
Sarah's creativity, sensitivity, and calming approach make her an outstanding yoga instructor and healer. She has a special gift; especially working with children. Did I mention she is a lot of fun too!
Sabrina W
Washington DC
As someone who is completely inexperienced with yoga, Sarah's private sessions with me revealed her extensive patience and warmth, plus her love for and commitment to the practice of yoga
Robin R.
Bethesda MD